3D Sea Shells

3D Sea Shells

3D Seashells has stylized and realistic animations of varied...

3D Seashells has stylized and realistic animations of varied sizes and shapes of seashells floating above a selectable background of water images or solid colors.

Seashells change size and move randomly for a soothing and interesting by the sea experience. Demo version screen saver expires in 7 days. Haunting Asian style background music is the default music.

Demo contains full set of features. Have fun customizing this screen saver to your preferences. In addition to background tint, separate animation tint, brightness, sound mute and volume control you can play your own mp3 music.

Contains animated gif images and sound file. Password protection is available. Demo expires in 7 days. Registered version doesn't have the overlay text and never expires.

Available at a substantial per screen saver discount when purchased in a set. Remove demo using the Windows Control Panel add/remove programs.

No adware, spyware, surveys, data collection, toolbars, opt-out or opt-in offers or any other add-ons. Only quality screen savers. Also available as a FREE 3D still or animated eCard at www.


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